16 rescued the dying patient’s life

In Norway, the F-16 fighter was used as an air ambulance when the patient was in dire need of access to a device called a lunger. With the help of future military commanders, who issued orders to transport military aircraft by plane.

Pulmonary is a specialized device necessary to sustain a patient’s life during open heart surgery. An operating device of this type ran out in Tromso, in the north of Norway, where it was necessary to carry out an emergency operation to save one’s life.

Road transport of this device would take many hours, and the health of Norway was decided every minute. The hospital team contacted an air force unit near Trondheim asking for help. The commandos of the 338th Fighter Squadron in Orland (located in the central part of Norway, near the well-stocked hospital in Trondheim) gave the green light and asked only the size of the equipment to be transported.

They proposed transport using an F-16 fighter. The lungs are a large device, so it was not possible to fit in the cockpit. An additional storage tank was quickly adapted for the safe installation of the apparatus. Then he was hanged under the plane and in the next few minutes he was in the air.

After nearly 25 minutes, the plane landed at the Bodo airbase, roughly half way to the sick. This decision was made due to the lack of a large airport capable of accepting F-16s near Tromso, where priceless equipment was expected. After landing, an ambulance was waiting for the ambulance to overcome the remaining distance.

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Thanks to the extremely fast response of the Norwegian Air Force commanders, they managed to deliver the equipment needed to perform the last minute operation. The F-16 defeated 400 km, which meant that it was flying at a speed of around 960 km / h. These machines can fly much faster, because the maximum speed of an F-16 fighter is almost 2300 km / h. The Norwegian aviator could not, however, have exceeded the velocity of the sound with the hinged tray.