This Hospital Uses Purchased Data To Stalk Job Applicants

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NASA tests the Martian lander

ADAPT is a joint effort between NASA engineers and specialists from Masten Space Systems and is based on the Masten XA-.1B Xombie reusable mast with vertical takeoff capability. The new lander will be far more accurate than the previous model and will allow scientists to land in the places they want.

With the small distance traveled by Mars rovers, this is a very important issue as it will allow for better exploration of selected areas. In the past, accuracy was a major problem, for example, the Curiosity landing zone had an area of ​​over 120 square kilometers and where it hit was largely a matter of chance.

NASA conducted several successful ADAPT tests at the end of last year. The new Lander is equipped with the Terrain Relative Navigation, Lander Vision System and Fuel-Optimal Large Diverts. The task of all these systems is to create a skeleton to observe the terrain over which it flies and then to select a convenient location where it could safely land.

Such accuracy will provide many benefits to scientists.…

ESA has presented Martian rover designs

As part of the ExoMars program, the European Space Agency plans to send its own robots to Mars to explore rock samples for another decade. Two prototypes of such machines have just been shown, which will soon be tested to prove their usefulness.

The prototypes are called Bridget and Bryan, and soon they will start testing in the center of Airbus Mars Yard in British Hertfordshire. These are not typical Martian roaches like the Curiosity, but they have very similar drilling equipment, allowing the sampling of rocks that will then be sent back to Earth.

Bryan’s equipment will allow him to drill 180 feet deep, where scientists hope to find evidence of the existence of water. But before that happens, the samples will be tested in an on-board lab capable of detecting microscopic traces of life. Only then can they begin the transfer operation.…