Airbus patented an airplane with detachable cab

Long distance travel is best done aboard an airplane that is definitely faster than a car or a train. This method of traveling has some disadvantages, but it is mainly related to the moment of boarding. Airbus engineers have developed a technology that can make this process easier.

Anyone who travels by plane knows exactly how tedious the process of boarding is. First you have to stand in line for check-in, then check your luggage and only after some time you can board, put luggage to the hatch and take their own place.

However, Airbus engineers consider that there is a place for innovation and that they have developed a design with a detachable cabin. Thanks to that, passengers waiting to fly, they would not have to sit in the waiting room until the machine approached the sleeve, but they would sit on the plane immediately. To be exact, in its cabin part, which would be placed in an airplane, as it currently does with containers for the transport of goods.…

Microsoft is withdrawing from the smartphone market

Microsoft Corp. It announced further layoffs in the smartphone division, just two years after its acquisition of Nokia mobile phones, which was an unfortunate attempt to defeat market leaders Apple and Samsung.

The American company has announced that it will release 1 850 people, mainly in Finland, and will write a $ 950 million write-down on smartphones. No information is provided as to how many people are currently employed in the department.

A Finnish trade union spokesman told Reuters that the redundancies ended up in Microsoft’s work on new phones.

“In my opinion, Windows 10 will be the operating system, but no new phones will appear,” Kalle Kiili said.

In a statement, Microsoft announced that it will continue to work on the Windows 10 platform and maintain the production of Lumia smartphones, but has not been informed whether new Windows phones will be released.

Microsoft bought the $ 7.2 billion Nokia cell phone division in 2014, but the company failed to rebuild this portion of its business and announced a write-off of $ 7.5 billion and release of 7 800 people last year.

In the first quarter of this year, the share of Windows smartphones in the global market fell below one percent, according to Gartner.

At the beginning of May, Microsoft sold its simpler and cheaper phones for $ 350 million.

The company has announced that it will likely release 1,300 people in the Finnish mobile division and will liquidate R & D in the country. There are also no additional details provided that in other countries the redundancies will cover 500 people.

“We are concentrating on working on a phone that distinguishes us,” said President Satya Nadella in a statement. – We will continue to innovate in devices and develop cloud services across all mobile platforms. ”

In 2008, Nokia dominated about 40 percent of the global mobile industry, and late in the year it lost out to the development of touch screen smartphones.

As a result, Nokia and Microsoft have released thousands of employees in Finland in ten years, and the lack of other jobs has become the main reason for the current economic stagnation in the country.

We have a very difficult situation right now … We need to quickly create new jobs, “said …