16 rescued the dying patient’s life

In Norway, the F-16 fighter was used as an air ambulance when the patient was in dire need of access to a device called a lunger. With the help of future military commanders, who issued orders to transport military aircraft by plane.

Pulmonary is a specialized device necessary to sustain a patient’s life during open heart surgery. An operating device of this type ran out in Tromso, in the north of Norway, where it was necessary to carry out an emergency operation to save one’s life.

Road transport of this device would take many hours, and the health of Norway was decided every minute. The hospital team contacted an air force unit near Trondheim asking for help. The commandos of the 338th Fighter Squadron in Orland (located in the central part of Norway, near the well-stocked hospital in Trondheim) gave the green light and asked only the size of the equipment to be transported.

They proposed transport using an F-16 fighter. The lungs are a large device, so it was not possible to fit in the cockpit. An additional storage tank was quickly adapted for the safe installation of the apparatus. Then he was hanged under the plane and in the next few minutes he was in the air.

After nearly 25 minutes, the plane landed at the Bodo airbase, roughly half way to the sick. This decision was made due to the lack of a large airport capable of accepting F-16s near Tromso, where priceless equipment was expected. After landing, an ambulance was waiting for the ambulance to overcome the remaining distance.

Thanks to the extremely fast response of the Norwegian Air Force commanders, they managed to deliver the equipment needed to perform the last minute operation. The F-16 defeated 400 km, which meant that it was flying at a speed of around 960 km / h. These machines can fly much faster, because the maximum speed of an F-16 fighter is almost 2300 km / h. The Norwegian aviator could not, however, have exceeded the velocity of the sound with the hinged tray.…

Kelihos Botnet is growing

The creators of Kelihos botnet develop wings. Their tool, which has been operating for years, has recently tripled its size. The botnet authors intend to use it to distribute ransomware and banking trojans.

In 2008, cyber security experts discovered a new botnet called Kelihos. It was not a big threat to computer owners, since its operation was limited to sending large amounts of spam. However, the anti-spam filters are becoming more and more perfect, so Kelihos’s effectiveness has begun to diminish.

Its creators do not intend to end the activity. MalewareTech, the company that manages the Botnet Tracker project tracking all existing botnets, claims Kelihos developers have switched to more lucrative distributions of ransomware and banking trojans.

By the end of June, the botnet started distributing Wildfire ransomware. At the same time, he began to grow in strength. So far Kelihos consisted of 8,000 computers and this number was essentially constant. However, when botnet creators changed their business profile, its size began to grow. Between 9 and 11 July, the number of computers under his control increased to 13,000. However, the largest increase was recorded on 22 August, when in a few hours the number of computers increased to 36 thousand.…

Huawei is working on its own GPU and flash memory

Smartphone makers want to become increasingly independent of their outsourcers and produce their own assemblies. Some have already produced their own processors, while the Huawei Chinese company wants to go much further and start designing GPUs and flash drives as well.

Smartphone production is a lucrative business, but profits could be even higher if companies did not have to use external component suppliers. Many companies are striving to become completely independent in this matter, and concerns like Samsung and Huawei are already producing their own processors.

The Chinese company, which is currently the third largest maker of smartphones on the market, is keen to go much further and, in addition to Kirin, plans to create its own graphics unit and flash memory.

Currently, Kirin CPUs work with ARM Mali GPUs, but when it comes to company engineers, they can better optimize their performance with Kirin, resulting in better smartphone performance. If it comes to flash memory, then probably they will be developed in collaboration with SK Hynix, Samsung or Micron Technology.…

Virtual fence for drones

The Chinese company DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial unmanned flying craft, improves its virtual fence system, which prevents flying over forbidden areas. The new system will be even more efficient and, at the same time, easier to use.

Drones are devices that can fly literally everywhere, which in some circumstances is a serious problem. Drones are quite large and may pose a threat to landing aircraft, while many of them appear near airports. They are also used to deliver contraband to prisons, as well as during mass events where they can fall to someone’s head.

The Chinese dron manufacturer, DJI, has developed a software called GEO (Geospatial Environment Online), which is something like a virtual fence. The system allows the unmanned software to place locations where the machine will be subject to a prohibition on flights such as prisons, airports, power plants, or a temporary ban on flights, for example, in places of various events or events of national importance, such as NATO summit.

The system has been slightly improved, making it much more comfortable to use. GEO receives automatic updates of forbidden locations and offers the ability to unlock certain areas in the case of verified accounts. This will allow inspectors to use drones to check power plants or other prohibited flights.…

Millions of Android users have downloaded Apple Music

Apple Music is gaining more and more users. And not only among iPhone owners, but also Android users. The application that provides access to this service has so far collected more than 10 million smartphone owners with Google.

Launched just over a year ago, Apple Music has been surprisingly well on the music services market, dominated by strong competitors such as Spotify and Tidal. Interestingly, the popularity of this service is compounded largely by smartphone users on a competing Android platform.

According to the latest statistics released by Apple, Google’s smartphone owners have already downloaded Apple Music over 10 million times. We do not know the exact statistics, because Apple points to a range of 10 to 50 million. So it is safe to assume that the downloads are at least a dozen million.

And there will be even more, because this week Apple has introduced a gift card that provides annual access to Apple Music. The card costs $ 99 and saves up to $ 21 on the subscription, making the service more attractive than its rivals.…

A Word About Your I-phone 6 and Mic on PC

As you might well not need a mic for the computer, it’s probable that you’ve got a smartphone. Especially, third party cans which utilize a conventional ⅛-inch plug may, based upon the plug in layout, wiggle a bit–enough to trigger perceptible static, or to create an electric signal which activates Siri. Theoretically, you might connect the 3.5millimeter headphone jack onto your own i-phone to a mixing board, utilizing the mic in bettering your audio via a PA process.

The iRig Mic H-D $99.99 is really a newer version providing you with 24 little quality together with support for both quad core and USB cables. If you do double inputs onto your own PC you require a splitter cable which accepts the TRRS connector out of the i-phone headset to different TRS headset and t s mic connectors.

Read our latest articles on how to use iphone headphones as mic on pc.

I’d like to utilize my apple in ear head phones as being a headset constantly once I was hooked to Left 4 Dead. You can achieve so by showing some media up on the PC or utilize test work in Windows. Utilize a headset socket in the front end of one’s personal computer or perhaps a socket indicated especially for use with cans.

Additionally, linking the PC Master Hurry together with racial supremacy or all sorts of fascist ideologies, or even making distasteful analogies in this respect, isn’t okay at anyway. Apple told me that the sole method to make certain you avoid buying headset which causes this challenge is to search to find the MFi symbols on the packaging.

Based on the method that you recorded your video, then you might have the ability to make use of that app to capture your songs at precisely the exact same moment. First I plugged in into my port through the headset jack to find out whether PT would comprehend it like a mic plus it just worked as tracking cans.

While noise canceling head phones aren’t crucial, a fantastic pair of cans needs to be utilized. I am often in circumstances where I am ending up in somebody who chose to work at home or just to await them to find their microphone troubles. You are able to reach …

NASA sends a 3D printer to an international space station

The cosmos is definitely not one of the places that are too human-friendly. Even the inhabitants of the international space station are often shocked by the lack of suitable tools or parts. The new NASA project is to allow for their own production of hundreds of kilometers over the Earth.

NASA came up with the idea to send a 3D printer to a cosmonaut so they could create their own items. This one is due to arrive at the ISS station tomorrow with other supplies onboard the SpaceX ship. Interestingly, the equipment has already been tested in weightless condition.

Made in Space employees. It turned out that the product meets the recommended functional and safety requirements. Interestingly, Americans are already thinking of using printers to cook food for mission members. Of course, it is not known when exactly this type of technology would come into force, but it would certainly make life easier at the station.…