Huawei is working on its own GPU and flash memory

Smartphone makers want to become increasingly independent of their outsourcers and produce their own assemblies. Some have already produced their own processors, while the Huawei Chinese company wants to go much further and start designing GPUs and flash drives as well.

Smartphone production is a lucrative business, but profits could be even higher if companies did not have to use external component suppliers. Many companies are striving to become completely independent in this matter, and concerns like Samsung and Huawei are already producing their own processors.

The Chinese company, which is currently the third largest maker of smartphones on the market, is keen to go much further and, in addition to Kirin, plans to create its own graphics unit and flash memory.

Currently, Kirin CPUs work with ARM Mali GPUs, but when it comes to company engineers, they can better optimize their performance with Kirin, resulting in better smartphone performance. If it comes to flash memory, then probably they will be developed in collaboration with SK Hynix, Samsung or Micron Technology.

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