Legal bot fights with mandates

Experts estimate that by 2035 some 20 million people will lose their jobs because their jobs will take over. Although this is unavoidable, one might expect the machines to perform rather than complicated tasks. Meanwhile, it turns out that they can also replace … lawyers.

The best example of machine functionality in this area is the DoNotPay bot, created by Joshua Browder. This is a tool for appealing the issued credentials and for the time being addresses the mandates imposed on drivers living in New York.

Interestingly, it is extremely effective in what it does. The bot, which has started to work relatively recently and has so far appealed in the case of 250,000 mandates, and has been successful at as many as 160,000 cases, protecting people from the need to pay them.

Browder has created this tool because he believes that drivers’ mandates do not fulfill their role and that they are simply treated as a means of budgeting, so they have decided to protect New Yorkers from it. Browder announces the expansion of its service to other US cities and the development of a version of software that will assist in making referrals in other areas as well.

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