Millions of Android users have downloaded Apple Music

Apple Music is gaining more and more users. And not only among iPhone owners, but also Android users. The application that provides access to this service has so far collected more than 10 million smartphone owners with Google.

Launched just over a year ago, Apple Music has been surprisingly well on the music services market, dominated by strong competitors such as Spotify and Tidal. Interestingly, the popularity of this service is compounded largely by smartphone users on a competing Android platform.

According to the latest statistics released by Apple, Google’s smartphone owners have already downloaded Apple Music over 10 million times. We do not know the exact statistics, because Apple points to a range of 10 to 50 million. So it is safe to assume that the downloads are at least a dozen million.

And there will be even more, because this week Apple has introduced a gift card that provides annual access to Apple Music. The card costs $ 99 and saves up to $ 21 on the subscription, making the service more attractive than its rivals.

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