NASA sends a 3D printer to an international space station

The cosmos is definitely not one of the places that are too human-friendly. Even the inhabitants of the international space station are often shocked by the lack of suitable tools or parts. The new NASA project is to allow for their own production of hundreds of kilometers over the Earth.

NASA came up with the idea to send a 3D printer to a cosmonaut so they could create their own items. This one is due to arrive at the ISS station tomorrow with other supplies onboard the SpaceX ship. Interestingly, the equipment has already been tested in weightless condition.

Made in Space employees. It turned out that the product meets the recommended functional and safety requirements. Interestingly, Americans are already thinking of using printers to cook food for mission members. Of course, it is not known when exactly this type of technology would come into force, but it would certainly make life easier at the station.

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