Tesla will improve your home batteries

Tesla Motors does not exclusively deal with the production of electric cars. Last year it introduced home-made Powerwall batteries that could provide power to our homeowners, reducing the cost of electricity bills. The company promises that this year will offer an improved version of its product.

Electricity bills are a significant item in every home budget, so people are looking for different ways to reduce it for years. An interesting proposition may be the home-made Powerwall battery, introduced last year by Tesla Motors, owned by Elona Muska.

This is a set of batteries that can store energy from any source. So if we can use a night-time low-cost fare we can then charge the Powerwall and use the energy accumulated during the day. We can also connect the battery to a photovoltaic system and thus have almost free current.

Powerwall enjoys a lot of interest, and despite the relatively high price, about 40,000 pre-order orders have been submitted, which will start in the first half of this year.

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