Toyota FCV Plus with home power function

Toyota revealed new details about the FCV Plus concept car. This is a hydrogen-powered vehicle that can also serve as a home power plant. It may produce electricity for needs other than powering its own motors.

Last year, the Japanese company Toyota unveiled an innovative hydrogen powered FCV Plus. Now the manufacturer has revealed more information about him, which shows that it will not be just a car to carry passengers, but also a power plant to generate electricity.

The FCV Plus engine is powered by a hydrogen tank located behind the rear seats, which produces electricity for the electric motors that drive the vehicle. Toyota engineers, however, have equipped the vehicle with a solution to transform it into a mobile power plant. The car can be connected to an external source of hydrogen and then it can generate electricity for other uses without consuming it with its own fuel.

You can also remove fuel cells located between the front wheels to use them as a portable power generator, for example, to supply your home energy in the event of a break in delivery.

The current version of FCV Plus is slightly different from last year’s prototype. The vehicle has been reduced slightly, now its dimensions are 380 x 175 x 154 cm, and additionally reduced slightly weight. With less weight and more aerodynamic body, the range of the vehicle has also improved.