Virtual fence for drones

The Chinese company DJI, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial unmanned flying craft, improves its virtual fence system, which prevents flying over forbidden areas. The new system will be even more efficient and, at the same time, easier to use.

Drones are devices that can fly literally everywhere, which in some circumstances is a serious problem. Drones are quite large and may pose a threat to landing aircraft, while many of them appear near airports. They are also used to deliver contraband to prisons, as well as during mass events where they can fall to someone’s head.

The Chinese dron manufacturer, DJI, has developed a software called GEO (Geospatial Environment Online), which is something like a virtual fence. The system allows the unmanned software to place locations where the machine will be subject to a prohibition on flights such as prisons, airports, power plants, or a temporary ban on flights, for example, in places of various events or events of national importance, such as NATO summit.

The system has been slightly improved, making it much more comfortable to use. GEO receives automatic updates of forbidden locations and offers the ability to unlock certain areas in the case of verified accounts. This will allow inspectors to use drones to check power plants or other prohibited flights.